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Wine Tasting Events

Wine Tasting Thinking of hosting a wine tasting party? Organising home wine tastings or corporate events? AdVintage Wines specialise in offering tailored wine tasting events for groups of 10-50+ in the London area and Surrey.

A wine tasting event with AdVintage Wines will allow you to spend an evening enjoying the world of wine, teaching you how to taste wine, tasting and compare wines and learning about different styles of wine.

We recommend that wines are tasted blind, as labels tend to affect appreciation of wine tremendously. And to keep it fun and light-hearted, we can arrange competitions with prizes for correct answers.

Hosting a wine tasting party? Don’t worry, it needn’t break the bank!
The budget for wine tasting parties is obviously dependent on the wines served but prices start from as little as £6 per person because we only charge you for the cost of the wines. We also bring tasting glasses and spittoons at no extra cost to you.

Wine tasting parties with AdVintage Wines can cover a range of topics including:

  • Wines of the world – we offer you a selection of wines from around the world and encourage you and your guests to guess the grape, country, vintage and price band for each wine.
  • Old World vs New World wines – we help you compare Old World (European) wines with New World (rest of the world) equivalents and find your preferences.
  • Old wines vs young wines – we teach you about the effect of ageing on a wine, sampling both young and older examples of the same wine.
  • Wine from specific regions, such as Bordeaux, Burgandy, Italy or Australia – we offer a more in-depth view of a specific region, comparing the variations from different wine producers and wine vintages.

Food to complement your wine tasting event
A wine tasting event wouldn’t be a wine tasting event without delicious nibbles! Together with our local delicatessen we can arrange a wide range of bread, cheese and other light snacks which will accompany the wines perfectly.

Great and Affordable Christmas Party
A wine tasting can be a very festive way of celebrating Christmas. We kick start our tastings with lovely Sparkles and if you wish it could even be a "Sparkling Event". When have you tasted different Champagne, Prosecco' & Cava's or Red Sparkling Wine in one evening?

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A wine tasting is a great way to start off an evening and we are happy to organise either private or corporate events at a venue of your choice. We recommend that wines are tasted blind as labels tend to affect appreciation of wine tremendously! Small competitions can be arranged with prizes for correct answers, while keeping the whole event very light-hearted. The budget for a wine tasting will obviously depend on the wines served, and can start from as little as 6£ per person as we only charge for the cost of the wines. We will also bring tasting glasses and spittoons at no extra cost and take everything with us when we leave.

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