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Vin Santo 2003

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Producer: Isole e Olena
Region: Tuscany
Country: Italy
Type: White

Vin Santo is the dessert wine made in Tuscany from dried grapes - Isole e Olena's version is dried for 3-5 months before pressing and then aged in small barrels for 5 years before bottling. During this period of ageing the wine is left entirely to itself with no racking or filtering. The resulting wine only comprises 12-15% of the original grape juice, and this is pure nectar. Deep amber in colour. Intense, rich, nutty fruit on the nose, giving way to a similar intensity and concentration on the palate. With great balance and length, the Isole e Olena Vin Santo has a clean dry finish, classic Vin Santo at its very best. Please note that this is a half bottle.

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