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AdVintage Wines goes Carbon Neutral selling the first
Carbon Neutral Wines in the UK!

Not only are we aware of what the damages of climate change are and how they will be affecting the wine industry we took the steps to ensure that we will contribute to reduce the Carbon Netural footprint by first of all going Carbon Neutral ourselves and we list carbon neutral wines! Truly a first in the UK!

We made this official by partnering with Carbon Clear and in addition we also maintain a small home office where we use an electricity supplier that use primarily renewable energy sources for their energy and recycle most of the packaging materials we receive and we also do as little printing as possible or double-sided printing. Read on to understand more about how the Carbon Neutral off-setting works and most importantly about the wines!

Carbon Neutral Wines

We offer you an effective and effortless way to do so:

  • Order wines from the truly Carbon Neutral Wineries to increase the impact you are making
  • Order any wines on our web-site and you will make still a contribution to the decreasing the damaging CO2 levels

Together we can make an impact and all at competitive prices.

How do we off-set our Carbon output?

While wine may seem like a perfectly natural product there are certain aspects of the wine making process that require energy and produces CO2 output such as keeping the temperature low of steel vats to enhance the fermentation process, the fermentation process itself to create the required alcohol levels, transport in and around the winery, the bottle and label factories producing the packaging materials. Last but not least the main part of the CO2 output is caused by the transport of wines by boats, trucks and vans going over the whole world to reach their final customers.

logo_carbon_clear, Carbon Clear

We have worked with Carbon Clear to identify the carbon dioxide emissions caused by our operations and finding effective ways of cutting those emissions. In addition to auditing our business to find more environmentally-friendly ways of doing things, we have also invested in carbon offset projects to counter any unavoidable emissions. Carbon Clear has calculated the amount of pollution we are responsible for and invested on our behalf in its sustainable energy and carbon reduction projects. This ensures the equivalent pollution is effectively eliminated from the atmosphere.

All of Carbon Clear’s projects are closely monitored to meet strict standards, minimise bureaucracy and improve the lives of the communities undertaking them. They also have to be in the spirit of the Kyoto agreement and provide measurable reductions in carbon emissions that would not have happened otherwise. Examples of Carbon Clear dedicated projects include energy-efficient brick kilns in Nicaragua, CleanCook stoves in Ethiopia, engine retrofits for cleaner mini-taxis in the Philippines and sustainable tree-planting in India. Read on for more information on these projects.

The Projects we sponsor

The project we are sponsoring reduces greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the growth of trees to achieve long-term CO2 sequestration on formerly degraded lands in low-income tropical communities. You can find some key information on reduces greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging the growth of trees to achieve long-term CO2 sequestration on formerly degraded lands in low-income tropical communities.

For those who like to know more about the insight stories of projects like these please click on the following link for a case study in India and Tanzania.

The Carbon Neutral Wineries

At the moment there are only a handful of Carbon Neutral wineries in the world and we are delighted to be initially working with the wines from Parducci in California and Cullen Vineyards in Western Australia. We hope that this list of carbon neutral wines can expand significantly in the coming months and years to include wines from all over the world.

Cullen Wines
Cullen Wines was founded by Di and Kevin Cullen in the late 1960s and were among the first to plant vines in the Margaret River. They really believe in creating a natural product in the true sense of the word. Click here to read more about Cullen Winery.

Parducci Wines
The Mendocino Wine Company was founded in 2004 with the formation of a partnership between the families of Tom and Tim Thornhill and Paul Dolan. This partnership purchased the historic Parducci Wine Cellars in Mendocino County, California. Their vision includes creating and growing exciting new brands and wines as well as building upon the tradition and quality of existing brands. Click here for more info: Parducci.

The Wines

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If you are looking for a specific wine and do not find it on our list you can always drop us a line at In addition to the wines we list we have access to literally thousands of other wines which we can always get at the best possible prices - anything from Albarino to Zinfandel!

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